Customer Service Management

GOO® Customer Service Manager helps your organisation welcome all requests and send these to related departments according to workflows. Customer satisfaction can be achieved by informing them at every steps of solution. Also, our unified communication  makes your customer reach services easy and fast.

Goo Customer Service Management

GOO® Customer Service Manager allows you to unify all customer related services for
higher service level, effective process management and making use of cooperative knowledge

Easier Engagement Process and Faster Resolution

GOO Customer Service Manager provides you with multiple engagement methods from self-service portal to direct communication with call center operator or service contact over phone, chat, email, or social media, etc. Our Customer Service Management solution helps you with providing collaborative platform that enables organisation to use cross-channel and cross-department enterprise data and workforces in case investigation.

Unified Communication

Let your customer to prefer engagement methods. That increase customer satisfaction and lower service costs.

Business Process Management

Pursue predefined business flows towards the organisation. That provide you with effective use of sources, and greater efficiency and speed.

Social Media

Track social media what people are saying about you and what their tendencies are. Give quick response to the writings. Keep your dignity.

Customer Centric Service Management

Case Management

Case management is one of the key feature for success in business. Main idea here is the coordination of services and knowledge to match customer’s need with organisational solution. GOO Customer Service Management helps you with providing collaborative platform that enables organisation to use cross-channel and cross-department enterprise data and workforces in case investigation. Also, our customer service management solution provides 360 degree view of customer by linking structured and unstructured data to analyse and review both current and historical cases across the organisation. Briefly, our case management allow case workers to open, assign, and solve works in the context of the case, without a need for a predefined sequence of activities.

Workflow Management

Business processes are the heart of a company that focuses on competition and customer satisfaction. GOO Business Process Management ensures operational discipline, excellent customer experience, business visibility, resource alignment and agility. Our business process design tool enables you to easily design, deploy and manage processes from simple to very sophisticated. That lets you design and publish new business process in 5 easy steps. These steps are defining of business, giving utilisation rights, building UI according to business needs, designing workflow and publish. GOO Customer Service Manager enables you to set your company afloat with respect to gradually changing business and customer needs.

Outbound Call Center Operation

Outbound is one of the important channels in call center operation. These operations may change according to business needs like sale, advertisement, e-survey, data collection or informative purpose etc. Our Customer Service Management software helps to organise and automate outbound tasks. Also, additional forms that are unique to Outbound business requirements can be designed with web based drag-drop form builder. And, these are attached to tasks to be applied by call center agents during Outbound operation. Besides, Outbound tool provides other important functionalities for example click2call capability, notes, call history, bulk tasks import, callback job, appointment etc.

Dialog Management

Our interactive communication tool helps call center operators to interact with customer in disciplinary and standard way. Also, that improves newbie operators skill and assists them with quickly adaptation period of company mission. Our Customer Service Management Dialog Designer has drag-drop interactive scripting capability. Besides, enhanced content management tool lets you to attach rich text content or files in dialog nodes. Call center operators can easily make use of these pre-designed scripts  according to customer service needs during online conversations. Goo Customer Service Management software aims to improve performance, effectiveness and customer satisfaction in front-end support by utilising enterprise knowledge. In addition to this, applied dialog can be recorded to be used in backoffices by staff who hold jobs.

Conversation Texts

Conversation texts are frequently used in daily call center operation. That helps operators convey information to customers in standard way. Call center supervisors usually prepare these texts and publish to call center operator desktop for using in simple phone talks with customers. Greeting, promotional and closing texts can be gave as an example to these conversation texts. Besides, that enables operators to talk according to standards and narrows their adaptation period.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Management is one of the important factors to reach organisational goals by providing use of knowledge effectively in organisation. On GOO®, collecting, enhancing, sharing and efficiently using of organisational knowledge can be made effectively during every steps of processes. Goo Customer Service Management Knowledge Base also include document management. Thus, documents can be stored, shared and retrieved in organisation easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

When questions tend to recur, it is the important for customer services to create questions and answers (Q&A) lists. That can be used by call center operators, front-end support team and customer themselves over self-service portal. Call center operators use this FAQ list to inform customers and also send this answers to customers over emails just one click. FAQ’s other important function is that when customers open ticket over service desk portal, related solutions can be suggested automatically to customers.

Unified Desktop

GOO® Unified Desktop, which provides special interfaces, let operators work fast and affective. Multi-tab functional screen also help call center operators to carry out multitask at same time without loosing data. When operators on phone with customers, they can open customer contact card, check 360 degree view of customer data, open a ticket, run a process, survey customer, search in knowledge base, check customer old issues etc. Customer Service Management Unified Desktop also show Outbound tasks systematically (i.e according to appointment date) in front of operators.

Alternative Channels

Customers can request for service using alternative communication channels such as phone, email, chat, social media, kiosk, mobile, web, SMS or fax, etc. Also, they can leave ticket by call center and track processes over Service Desk or vice versa. Besides, call center operators or service agents can be planned as first level support desk and also handle requests come from alternatives channels. When need, operators can escalade this requests to back offices in company.

Business Integration

GOO® Customer Service Management can be easily integrated to applications inside or outside of company thanks to enhanced integration platform. Besides, all communication can be logged in every level and audited. SOAP, XML-RPC and REST services can be created and authorized easily. In addition, as web service server data in lots of format types like XML, JSON, HTML, SERIALIZE and CSV can be acquired. Also, our product can be integrated with current authentication and authorization systems like LDAP, SSO, IDM and CAS. Furthermore, some call center infrastructure functions (e.g. click2call, customer’s phone button press data acquiring) can be used in Unified Desktop thanks to CTI and Voice Portal integration.